As human beings we are part of a vital interrelated and interdependent web of life through which everyone  and everything is connected.  Our very existence depends on Earth’s plant life.  Flowers, grass, plants, trees,etc., are sentient organisms. We will come to better

understand that this means these organisms naturally embody an awareness of itself, the surrounding environment, and one another.  Like people and animals,plants interact in their own way.

Music of the Plants offers the gift of experiencing the intricate relationship between human beings andnature.  Renée Coltson, Partnership in Planetary Healing, facilitates interactive presentations that, for many participants, often inspire a significantly more profound connectivity to nature.

During these educational encounters participants are afforded the opportunity to interact with plant life Bamboo a Music of the Plants device.   This device, while connected directly to the plant, perceives electromagnetic signals generated by the plant and translates them into musical melodies.  This encounter establishes an exchange through which people can recognize the plant’s ability to tune into our emotions and what is happening  within its environment.  Music of the Plants is a powerful and life-changing experience for people of all ages.

Renee Coltson Music of the plants activities
Renee Coltson Music of the plants tuning in
Renee Coltson Music of the plants seminars
Renee Coltson Music of the plants